Decorate for Halloween with Pumpkin Lights

Halloween Pumpkins

What would Halloween be without carving pumpkins? Mini lights, and LED lights, that you might normally associate with Christmas are quickly becoming a Halloween staple. Safety is a big concern around Halloween, and along with making sure your kids are wearing safe, easy to see through costumes, and are not eating any suspicious candy, you maybe over looking another safety issue, the Jack O’ Lantern.

When most parents consider the safety of a carved pumpkin, they think about the carving process itself, however lighting the pumpkin can also be a big hazard. Traditionally, the top of the pumpkin is removed, the seeds and flesh scooped out, a design carved into the front, and then a candle placed in the base of the pumpkin and lit for that spooky illuminated face we’re all so familiar with. Some pumpkin carving kits suggest skipping the candle, or placing it in a high sided glass vessel within the container. However, more and more people are switching to illuminating their pumpkins safely with short strings of craft mini lights.

Using mini-lights in your Halloween pumpkin is extremely easy. Simply carve out the base of your pumpkin, instead of the top, and remove the innards as you would normally. Wrap whatever color mini-lights you’d like to use, traditional clear looks great as do green and purple, around a small, glass jar. Fit the pumpkin over the jar, and plug it in! If you plan on putting your pumpkin outside, and don’t have access to electricity, use battery operated lights. LED lights are also a great option for Halloween pumpkin lighting, because of their low electricity usage as well as their cool temperatures. By using mini lights to illuminate your pumpkins, you can leave them lit, and not worry about danger of fire. You can also use the same light source year after year.

Visit Martha Stewart for a great tutorial on carving pumpkins, then use our mini lights to light your Halloween craft project.

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