Holiday Lighting That Will Make Family Stare? First, Have Some Caution, And Exercise Care

If you’ve got your holiday lighting all planned out and your lights all ready to go, as with most things, safety comes first! While there are a range of accidents that can occur when hanging your bright Christmas lights on your tree or outside your house (from falls, to slippery ice, to incendiary Christmas lights), use some practical knowledge to keep you—and your lights—safe and operating well.

While you’re excited to get your holiday lights decorating ideas started, be sure to test those Christmas lights strands first. Plug them in one strand at a time to make sure all are functioning. If any of the bulbs on your holiday lights won’t light, make sure they’re screwed in fully, or, in the case of mini lights, push the bulbs gently in to make sure they’re fully inserted.

Plug those Christmas tree lights wires into a surge protector. Surge protectors will help prevent an overload and will help reduce any damage from electrical surges. If you’re connecting any lights for Christmas into other strands, be sure all male plugs are fully inserted into the receiving outlets and connectors. Also, don’t connect holiday lights cords of different numbers, meaning strands of 50 bulbs should be connected only with other strands of 50. This will prevent bulbs from burning out prematurely and is the safest means of connecting lighting cords.

Replacing bulbs as soon as you notice they’re out is always best for your Christmas tree lights. Before doing so, be sure to unplug that strand of Christmas lights! During initial testing to make sure that your lights for the holidays actually light, look carefully over the cords and wires. Check for any damaged encasements and exposed wiring. If many bulbs are out and the connection seems loose, buy replacement lighting cords. Replacement Christmas lights are never a bad idea, especially if you can’t remember how old your set is.

Even if you’re left decorating late into the night, don’t turn on your holiday lighting decorations and then head to bed! Finish up and leave those lights on at a time when you can monitor them for several hours. While Christmas lighting like LED holiday lights don’t burn as hot as incandescent lights, keeping watch over any new electronics is the safest, smartest way to enjoy your holiday lighting decor.